De Soto, KS window and siding installerAs the leading Home Improvement & Building company in the industry, Farm and Home Builders is pleased to work with you to build a custom-designed home made just for you, or to restore and enhance the home you are in right now. We use Energy-Star qualified products such as: GAF Timberline HD, Certain Teed, Ultras, Owen Corning, Presidential, Provia, ClimaSheild, and Energy-Maxx. These are well-known leading brands that will guarantee the best quality enhancements for your home. Give your De Soto, Kansas home a new look- with more energy efficiency and an appealing image by hiring Farm and Home for your improvements!


At Farm and Home Builders, we use Preservation windows which are extremely long lasting, durable, and maintenance free! Our highly trained professionals have just the right skills and equipment to install and replace any windows in your home. With brand new windows from Farm and Home Builders, your home is sure to stand out in the neighborhood. We offer a large selection of 81 color combinations, and styles ranging from classic and sophisticated to country-rustic. Not only will our windows leave your home with a new look, but they will provide you with top-notch quality that will last for years, and lower your energy bill as well! Let Farm and Home Builders be your expert replacement window specialists in De Soto, Kansas.


There are several reasons why our premium, high performance siding will be a great investment for your home:

  1. It increases energy-efficiency. With our ClimaSheild foam underlay insulation, your house is sure to stay cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. This will allow your energy bill expenses to decrease. Let us save you time and money!
  2.  It protects your home from various elements. Wind, rain, and snow can be quite extreme in the De Soto, Kansas area. By having the best quality siding from Farm and Home Builders, your home will be safe and secure from the harsh winters, as well as protected from water and moisture, and unwanted insects and pests.
  3. It increases your home appeal and value. New siding is a long-lasting investment that gives your home a completely new look, without having to remodel the entire structure. Your home will immediately become more appealing with a gorgeous new siding job from Farm and Home Builders. We provide you with a large selection of designs, colors, textures and styles for your siding, as well as trim and accessories. Our subtle matte finish and wood grain options are beautiful additions that we can offer you as well. We hope you choose Farm and Home Builders to fix, restore, replace, or build the siding for your home!


At Farm and Home Builders, we offer you a variety of steel and fiberglass doors for your home, that provide you with top-notch quality and outstanding safety. The most current series of doors that we offer are:

  •  Legacy: This 20 gauge steel door will give you peace of mind by keeping your house incredibly secure. –
  • Signet: With options of cherry, mahogany, fir and oak, this fiberglass door is sure to add elegance and beauty to your home.
  • Embarq: As the leading series for energy-efficient doors in the USA, this fiberglass door will bring the dollars down on your utility bill!
  • Heritage: Durable and secure, this fiberglass door portrays the look of classic and beautiful wood-grain.


Has your roof experienced dislodging, buckling, curling, leaking, damaged flashing, or the growth of rot, mold, and algae? If you have seen any of these problems in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our professionals at Farm and Home Builders are happy to help you any roofing replacement that you may need. Let us disaster-proof your roof in order to decrease your energy bill, and increase the safety and value of your home. Not only are we experts on quality and practicality, but we pride ourselves in attention to detail and offer you stylish textures and designs for your roof.


As a family-owned and family-operated business that has been working in the De Soto, Kansas area for over 40 years, Farm and Home Builders is a team of highly trained and experienced professionals that are dedicated to your vision for your home and farm. We specialize in the installation of windows, siding, roofing and doors, as well as the design and construction of custom-built homes. Customizing is our expertise, and we are willing to work with your personal budget and time-frame. We hope you choose to hire Farm and Home Builders for your next big project!