High-Performance Siding with ClimaShield in Kansas City and Des Moines

Siding Features

  • + Color Uniformity & Retention

  • + Hurricane-Velocity Windload

  • + Energy Star

If you live in the Kansas City or Des Moines areas and are looking for high-performance, energy-efficient siding that will protect your home and save you money, we have you covered. We install Preservation High-Performance Siding with ClimaShield to give your home superior insulation and protection from the elements.

Preservation High Performance Siding uses the exclusive ClimaShield underlayment to provide your home with unsurpassed insulation and support. Traditionally, siding is installed over a flat underlayment which provides little or no support. Over time, this lack of support can lead to bowing, sagging, or denting. Preservation siding paired with the ClimaShield Thermal Support System provides support and protects against damage by providing an individually contoured reinforcement underneath the siding. This extra layer of support has the added benefit of increasing your home’s thermal insulation. If you are ready to experience the best siding on the market, contact us today!

ClimaShield Features

  • Heat and pressure used during the production process cross-link the polymer molecules on the surface to create a high-density watertight skin encasing ClimaShield.
  • Our production process also creates diamond-groove drainage channels within the ClimaShield underlayment designed to wick away moisture from your walls.
  • Made from environmentally safe Preventol which repels insects such as termites from nesting behind your siding.
  • ClimaShield’s unique shiplap profile creates a seal around your home enveloping your interior with comfort and energy-efficiency.

Preservation High Performance Siding with ClimaShield is the complete siding package that dramatically increases your home’s energy efficiency while protecting it from nature and accidental damage. Call us today to discover how our team of installers here at Farm & Home Builders can help you!

Standard Color Collection

We recommend you make final color selections using actual product samples. All colors may not be available in all markets. Available in XXL Premium Oak Grain. Available in Premium Matte.

Designer Color Collection

Preservation Designer Color Collection may not be available in all markets. We recommend you make final color selections using actual product samples. All colors may not be available in all markets. Available in Premium Matte.

UltraBeam® Panel Design | Impact Resistance | Breathability | Resistant to Hurricane-Force Winds


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