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    Sliding Window Features

    • + Low maintenance frame

    • + Energy efficient

    • + In-swing sashes easy cleaning

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    Looking for Stylish New Sliding Windows?

    Sliding windows are an incredibly popular choice among Des Moines area homeowners and it’s not hared to see why. These elegant, and yet simple, windows are ideal for a number of architectural styles and provide a clean, sleek appearance as well as impressive functionality. Our sliding windows allow tons of natural light to penetrate any room they’re installed in, and with an innovative fingertip control design, operating the windows for maintenance or ventilation has never been easier.

    At Farm and Home Builders, we know that your home is just as unique as you are and we want to help you find sliding windows that showcase your style. We offer a¬†wide assortment of colors and styles guaranteed to add curb appeal and visual to your home’s exterior. Whether you define your style as modern, classic, sleep, or rustic, the helpful design team at Farm and Home Builders can work with you to find the perfect sliding window treatment for your home.

    Benefits and Features of Sliding Windows

    For homeowners who have never had sliding windows, you might not understand just how beneficial the style can be for your home. In addition to adding beauty, sliding windows add impressive function and have features and benefits that include:

    • Energy-Efficient Materials to Lower Energy Bills
    • Low-Maintenance Frames and In-Swing Sashes for Easy Cleaning
    • Strong, Durable Operating Hardware (Including Locking Mechanisms)
    • Easy Glide Operation with a Roller System
    • Eco-Friendly Materials with a 100% Recyclable Frame
    • Two and Three Lite Options
    • Impressive Airflow with Sash Vent Stops to Prevent Unwanted Window Movement

    Trust Farm & Home Builders For Your Sliding Window Installation in Des Moines

    It doesn’t matter if you’re replacing outdated sliding windows or you’re just ready to upgrade to a different style, Farm and Home Builders offers superior products and services. From start to finish, we work with you to ensure the entire window installation process is as hassle-free as possible. When you’re ready to add style and substance to your home with our sliding windows, call for a free quote!

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