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    Soffit siding installation

    Try Vinyl Soffit & Vertical Siding in Kansas City

    Farm & Home Builders of Kansas City installs premium vinyl soffit & vertical siding that will transform your home’s look and protect it for years to come. These products combine the strength and rigidity of wood with the durability and beauty of vinyl siding. Learn more about each type of siding below!

    Premium Vinyl Soffit Siding

    Ordinary soffit is made from wood and susceptible to rot when exposed to water. Additionally, the flexibility of this kind of product often leads to warping over an extended period of time. Preservation’s premium soffit is made from vinyl and uses UltraBeam technology to ensure that it remains rigid and never sags or cups. Unlike standard wood soffit, vinyl siding is not susceptible to rot, mildew, or mold growth. Our vinyl soffits also offer a low-gloss painted wood texture and accented shadow lines to give your home a realistic wood appearance.

    Vertical Vinyl Siding

    Vertical siding is an option that many homeowners choose and has grown in popularity in recent years. Hanging siding vertically can not only provide a unique look for your home’s exterior but can also give your home the illusion of being taller. Our Preservation premium vinyl siding has a large palette of colors, trims, and accessories to help you create the custom exterior appearance you want.

    Trust Farm & Home Builders

    Our expert team has years of experience in the industry, so you can be sure we’ll get the job done right the first time. We can help you design your dream home. If you’re ready to start making improvements, give us a call today and receive a free quote!

    Designer Color Collection

    We recommend you make final color selections using actual product samples. All colors may not be available in all markets.

    Color selections for siding

    Standard Color Collection

    We recommend you make final color selections using actual product samples. All colors may not be available in all markets.

    Standard color options for siding

    No Cupping | Superior Rigidity

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