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    Window Accents

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    Looking For Beautiful Window Accents?

    Decorative grids, v-grooved cut glass, and leaded glass can transform a plain window into a work of beauty by adding visual interest and appeal. Choose from a variety of grid profiles and patterns, as well as cut glass and leaded glass options to achieve the ideal window system for your home. You don’t have to settle for plain and basic windows anymore. Decorative windows are a way to show off your personal sense of style and raise the value of your home.

    What Can Our Window Accents Do For Your Home?

    Interior grids in a classic pattern or an elegant cut glass design can make all the difference in your windows.  Grids add balance and dimension, while cut glass patterns provide the perfect touch of style without obstructing the view. Leaded glass patterns are another creative option for customizing your windows with artistic detail.  Depending on the outside style of your home, you’ll want windows that match. We can do everything from traditional colonial patterns to double prairie patterns or diamond patterns. In more recent years, people are gravitating towards plain, unaccented windows but you can still add a touch of personality to your own windows by creating a simple grid pattern.

    Choose Farm & Home Builders of Kansas City

    We have a wide variety of skills and designs that can help you personalize your home. Don’t settle for plain or standard styles when you install or replace your windows. We can help stylize your entire project from window accents to window styles, from the interior and exterior colors of your windows. You don’t have to compromise when you choose Farm & Home Builders. Check out our variety of window accents and then give us a call today to receive a free quote!

    Solid Colors & Interior Woodgrains

    Preservation Premium Windows are available in solid colors of warm white or taupe, and with optional interior woodgrain in cherry, foxwood, dark oak, and light oak.

    Interior window woodgrains and colors

    Traditional Grids

    Classic grids are available in complementary white or taupe with Colonial, Diamond, Prairie, and Double Prairie patterns.  Contoured Colonial grids, featuring a modeled “cut-wood” look, are available in complementary colors and in matching woodgrains.  Preservation also offers narrow Colonial grids with a bright-brass finish.  All are enclosed within the insulated glass unit, making glass cleaning a breeze.

    traditional window grid patterns

    Contoured Grids

    Contoured or traditional grids, feature a molded ‘cut-wood’ look, are available in complementary colors and matching woodgrains.

    Contoured window grid patterns

    Optional Lock & Handles

    Preservation window locks are available in standard white and taupe. Optional finishes are bright chrome, antique brass satin nickel, bright brass, and oil rubbed bronze. Preservation casement hardware is available in bright chrome, antique brass and satin nickel.

    Window lock and handle styles

    Patio Door Handles

    Preservation patio door handles are available in white, taupe, bright brass, antique brass, bright chrome and brushed chrome.

    Patio door handle options

    V-Grooved Cut Glass

    Preservation Windows are also available in a variety of cut and polished glass patterns.  These glass styles are an ideal way to add subtle elegance to any home without obstructing the view.

    V-Grooved cut glass window options

    Leaded Glass Packages

    Preservation Beveled-Leaded glass adds elegance and distinction to any home and complements any architectural motif.  Every piece of the Leaded Glass Collection is handcrafted using hand-cut glass, crystal bevel clusters, and hand-soldered camings.

    Our Leaded Glass Collection features a number of attractive glass styles.  Each is ready for your personalization. Select a complementary color from our stained glass palette and a caming metal to match your taste – brass, pewter, or lead.

    Leaded glass window options

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